The Queen of Spain (2016)

Comedy, Drama | 128 min

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The Queen of Spain 2017

The plot depicts the adventures turned not so good when Spanish crew tried to replicate the old gist of the original American film made in Spain, back in 1950.


The Queen of Spain Movie Review 2017

If the trusted reviews and ratings were to be believed. The movie got mixed response and has done a great job in Europe. If talk about the reviews in favor of the film. The story and the star cast depicts, one of the toughest period in the history of Spain.

Penelope Cruz stole the majority of the lime light and speaking of the espanol actress – all hands down! The crew, tried to imitate the old misadventure of the filming of the American movie back in 1950, and guess what; they did it graciously.

The gigs and gags in the story were one of the major parts, and despite that. Those who have watched the original installment, were not too impressed. The disappointment is pretty understandable, as once you have seen the masterpiece. You simply cannot tolerate the remake of one of the most successful comedy drama.

The movie is widely appreciated among the viewers who haven’t watched the original and therefore; as mentioned above – Penelope Cruz hasn’t appreciated for her fabulous acting for no good, ever since she kicked start her career being an actress. The European starlet has got huge appreciation for rekindling the old fire for playing the “Queen of Spain”.

This year’s Berlin Film Festival is expected to hear more about the movie and everything related to the same. Fernando Trueba, the writer-director of the movie. Who gave thrust to the career of Penelope with Belle Epoque (1992), tried his best to show his skills in – film in a film – representation.


There are one or two moments where Cruz actually saves the movie. One – where she sings the song Granada. Two – the comedic touch to it. The movie itself is the true depiction of the politics and therefore; preserves the nostalgia by showing retrospective sexuality in the politics.

It will be interesting to see how the critics will react to it in the coming Berlin Film Festival this year. With fingers crossed, the creator threw it all they have best in store to lure the huge audience, and it seems the movie got a huge success in it.

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Comedy, Drama