Sidemen: Long Road to Glory (2016)

Documentary, Biography, History, Music | 77 min

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Sidemen: Long Road to Glory


 This documentary depicts the biography of the three legends, topped the music charts back in days. And passed away with unsettling emotions of heartache among the fans who loved them with their heart. In year 2011, each died in the same month, consecutively after the death of the one of their group.

Sidemen: Long Road to Glory Movie Review 2016

No wonder the three legends that laid base for the modern music and contributed their lives, serving for music and made their fans cherished and chiseled They will be missed big time and the history will remember their names as long as sun shines in the sky.

All “rock’n’roll” roads are connected to “Blues” and when it comes to the roots where it all began with – “Sidemen: Long Road to Glory” is the paramount example.

With a recent untimely passing of the lead vocalist of the most popular band “Linkin Park”, Chester Bennington; Long Road to Glory is another chapter where the world had to say goodbye to the musicians, including; Drummer Willie Smith, guitarist Hubert Sumlin and the pianist Joe Willie Perkins – back in 2011.

Talk about Sidemen – the band is more than just a legacy to leave behind. With shocking passing of the three members; one after another and that too in a month. They left the huge fan following shedding tears of grave loss.

Showing the footage of their performances that longed back more than half a century ago, The filmmakers tried to cover some of the classic tracks. Including their very first one – “Little Red Rooster” that topped the British charts back in days.

Perkins who was around 97 was seen shaking his head when asked in one of the interviews. If he was still interested in women. Not to mention; this ladies’ man used to run fingers on keyboard like a god and audience still gets dragged into some other realm while listening his tracks spell bounded.


Rosenbaum added– Yes they all are gone, yet their music is something to still aspire and with the melody they touched the world with, will never be forgotten. Their legacy will always be alive as long as the stars shine and earth revolves around the sun.

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Documentary, Biography, History, Music