It (2017)

Drama, Horror | 135 min

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It 2017

A group of children – bullies – unite together in order to face the demon; who’s shape-shifting and now has taken the face of a clown in order to hunt down the kids.

It Movie Review 2017

Clowns are downright creepy, no matter how strongly your Uncle Sam emphasized you. They are to make you laugh in the first place. One thing you will strongly miss while watching “IT”, is the loo-break. Perhaps that couldn’t have been the case with a faint hearted as they must have got one right on their seats.

Pennywise who’s a clown is all set to scare the sh*t out of you. If you have planned to watch it this weekend. This could be a best chance to invite the girl you have been long awaited for, as you would see her hugging you when the scary scene pop up.

No wonder the movie got huge critical acclamation for its story telling and the screen direction. The film however, is heavily jam-packed with the overrated element – “IT’s a scary movie”. You might want to take it with a grain of salt. But the illogical scenes; is the only flaw the story backed with.

What’s unsettling and scare the most out of you, is the clown – Pennywise – hell-bent to torment the kids around a small vicinity of the small town, Maine. The unexpected humor, the Argentinian director Muschietti, sprinkled upon the plot along with the little element of humanity, makes the movie worth watching.

Bonding among the kids unites together to face down their ultimate fear – Pennywise – the clown – is however, seems to be more stronger than that of the creepiness the diabolical entity (Clown) in the movie.

Unlike the original “It – 1990” and the novel composed by Stephen King and the mini TV series based on the same. The latest installment doesn’t go back and forth in time, and sets the plot in the timeframe of 1988-89. This is turn grounds the story and makes it more impressive.


In Simple words, it couldn’t be better than that. For the fans born in 80s, “IT” must have reprised the decades old nostalgia. Where a bunch of misfits trying hard to save their lives from a creepy clown.

The intentions are not to burst your balloons. But the end credit scene showed it precisely that this is not the last time you are seeing Pennywise – the clown.

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Drama, Horror