Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Drama, Romance | 130 min

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Call Me by Your Name 2017

A sensual and unmatched love tale that entails you back to the 80s, based on the Andre Aciman’s critically acclaimed novel. Elio Perlman who is a 17 years old boy; an American professor’s son, falls in love with a graduate student, who comes by and starts living with them, ignites the spark of coming-age romance. The two enjoys together – Shares food, music and last but not the least; the love.

Call Me by Your Name Movie Review 2017

After “I Am Love”, director Luca Guadagnino is once again stirring the magic wand of love on silver screen in collaboration of Armie Hammer Timothee Chalamet’s steamy and sensual love making scenes that carry out in beautiful summer.

Advancing the cannon of gay cinema. The movie however does not limit to the LGBT community. The matter of fact; shares a broader sense of intimacy and a human connection. In simple and straight words; it is more about first love and coming-age romance, between the two souls.

Supported by Sony Pictures Classics and despite its premier in Berlin Sundance Festival. The story of the movie portrays the love mingle between the two, in a more profound way possible. Keeping all dogmas aside and breaking all sorts of stereotypes. The plot is a sensual love at first sight – story.

However, had it been made back in 1983 when the novel came out. It could have landed in hot waters and stirring all kinds of controversies and ratings. Now in 2017 where audience has grown more, and starting to welcome LGBTs more than before, critics has given green flag to it and the movie got a worldwide praise.

The young boy Elio finds something in him that tends him to attract towards the newcomer in the family, a guest to be in specific – the two then starts talking and become good friends. Elio’s voluntary responses to go out for bike trips with the graduate student and the visit to local swimming hole. The entire screening backed with beautiful music, is something to watch in the movie.


The chemistry between the two becomes undeniably irresistible and thus, lands them into intimacy and even though. You enjoy the love drama, you couldn’t resist the subtext running in the back of your mind.

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Drama, Romance