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California Typewriter 2017

Millions of lives are still connected by typewriter even though. The technology is outdated and is replaced by modern computer and keyboard. The story of California Typewriter, is actually a tale of various people whose lives are still connected by this device.

California Typewriter Movie Review 2017

As the name suggests, the story of the movie might indicate a small careworn typewriter repair shop in Berkeley, California. This documentary actually throws light upon how the creativity originates. Even though the trend is no more in the norm, it really is about how to create an art.

Starring Tom Hanks, John Mayer, Sam Shepherd and David McCullough – the film is widely appreciated with its original approach. Tom Hanks who has knack for this age old device, is an avid collector and has around 250 of those.

As he explains, there’s no day passed by when he didn’t run his fingers on the typewriter. The movie has actually the emotional touch to it, and couldn’t be depicted any better. The direction gets 4.5 out of 5 as per the trusted reviews of the critics; fans welcomed the documentary with open arms.

The actor who passed last month. He explained how the thoughts striking the paper with each key hitting the plane white sheet, soothes his heart and soul. Which can make any modern computer keyboard typist envious.

Musician John Mayer and David McCullough (famous historian). They confessed the present generation would never understand the originality and the subtlety of the art. That one feels when hitting fingers on a classic typewriter.


It is hard not to understand that why this documentary got such a huge appreciation. As it not only throws light on the outdated device, but also the sentiments that attached with it. The digital world, would never understand the true indigenous nature of the art and literature. Where many old schools still prefers this eloquent piece of creation.

As in one of the interviews shown, many in the world – still prefer this machine over a regular computer keyboard. Where errors are corrected by the computer programs – the true gist of art is dying in vein.

From speeches to daily drafts, they still prefer the tickling sound of the typewriter as it evoques the true sentiments that hides behind the typewriter.

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