At the End of the Tunnel (2016)

Crime, Thriller | 120 min

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At the End of the Tunnel 2016

A perfect blend of suspense and thriller; a wheel-chaired computer genius who lives in a dilapidated big house, depressed got a mother with her daughter comes knocking at his door to rent a room. Next thing he senses a group of criminals, tunneling to rob a bank. Story goes in one direction, and when you are about to figure out what’s what, a twist comes in.

At the End of the Tunnel Movie Review 2016

No wonder Rodrigo Grande does with his films like a pro and he proved his iron once again with this master piece. The Argentinian film maker this time around has made what it is called to be the best option to enjoy multiplex on Saturdays.

This is three times in a row that Helmer’s stole the show again and stepped into the lime light. Grande has no intention of creating a new genre. Yet his script has all the juices to make you stick to your couch and watch it with utter amazement.

The jaw dropping sequences and the mystery unveiled later on is definitely something to feed the minds of the critics. And let their head boggled for months. As the purpose of this review is not to reveal any spoiler. Yet this thriller suspense is something you would not resist searching about over web.

Last year’s April was seen to pocket $1.2 million, however, the movie failed to gather no more than $800,000. However, European opening was pretty successful and while critics appreciated the script and the screening of the movie. It yet failed to spread its charm worldwide.

Joaquin who’s a computer geek, hears some noises at awfully bizarre hours, learned it’s no ordinary but a full-fledged bank robbery. This is what you must have seen in the trailer as well. As long as he’s behind the computer undetected, he’s safe but that’s not the intentions of the director Grande. He wants to put sweat on your forehead with each progressing scene.


In the nutshell, the flick has got huge success in spreading the charm and as the Director, Rodrigo Grande is really famous for – he’s really good at let the fans feast upon the twisted stake. Berlin Film Festival witnessed a loud applaud and the movie really deserved it.

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Crime, Thriller