American Made (2017)

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American Made 2017

The story of the movie plots around a pilot who works for CIA and also runs his dirty work in Deep South during the era of 80s.

American Made Movie Review 2017

All eyes are on Tom Cruise especially after his not so appealing performance in the recent installment in the “The Mummy” franchise. The creators hoping to rekindle the old charm that the franchise had stir during the late 90s and the early 2000, including the spin off. The Scorpion King featuring The Rock Dwayne Johnson, failed miserable with the recent entry.

Although, Tom Cruise who is best known for his action stunts and the foremost part is. Performing almost every single one them without the assistance of a body double. It yet couldn’t help him making the movie a success story.

With this new entry in his bucket list – American Made – fans are expecting Tom to sprinkle his old charm again. Which he is best known for. If trusted sources are to be believed, this could be the next big thing after the Top Gun era.

Keeping the old formula in mind. Where Cruise has once stole the hearts of millions being a fighter pilot in Top Gun. It will be interesting to see, if American Made would re-spark the old charm. Reprising the role an airline pilot who is now filled with boredom with his career and a super-hot wife, dirty work wouldn’t hurt much to add a little fun in life. Or could it be?

Reached out by and CIA operative. He is offered to fly a plane over the drug territory of the then mafia Pablo Escobar. Already bored Tom gets a generous and handsome offer by the drug lord to supply cocaine package in US. Lands him in hot waters and sets all hell break loose.


Talk about to rate the movie. Since it hasn’t released yet and knowing Tom Cruise wouldn’t do any reckless twice. Especially after the failure of “The Mummy”, 7 out of 10 wouldn’t hurt much for the plot and the original approach for the genre.

Releasing on September 29, 2017, all eyes are on the movie and critics are waiting eagerly to share their views.

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Action, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller