A Taxi Driver (2017)

Action, Drama, History | 137 min

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A Taxi Driver 2017

A single father and a taxi driver, escorts a German journalist from Seoul to Gwangju while student riots are at their utmost.


A Taxi Driver Movie Review 2017

Reprising the old but historical moments. When Korea was weeping the tears of blood, courtesy of the student riots, part of which, bloodshed was just another Monday – director Jang Hoon brings the tragic subject to the surface. Starring Song Kang-Ho and the real life German news reporter. The duo stirs some of the most sentimental moments during the massacre.

Jang who is a renowned director in Asia. He best known for his performance in “Secret Union”, has once again won the hearts of critics with this historical masterpiece. Throwing light upon the massacre that held unfortunately. Because of the student riots – still ache the heart of those who actually witnessed the atrocity.

As the story adds historical heft and with Jang contributing for the direction, and ever charming Song Kang-Ho – best known for his acting skills – gains a whole lot of credibility among the wide range of audience. The plot depicts the situation when the state was declared with marshal law and universities were engulfed with the shadows of riots, and the blood of students spilled over the Korean streets protesting against the government.

As the government ruthlessly seizing all broadcasts to go out on air and revealing the home situation, and keeping the world in dark. A German reporter showed courage to get some footage about the situation. Juergen Hinspeter flies from Tokyo to Seoul to gather the news and encounters the taxi driver. Who escorts him from the hot waters to a safe place.

Kang-ho seemingly irresistible charming personality. Once again proved he’s the best there is when it comes to performances one like “A Taxi Driver”. On top of that, direction of Hun Jang is no less than a – cherry on the top. The fourth feature under the directorial of Jang, the movie seems to summarize what happened back in 1980.


The most of the western world may unaware about the student riots of 80s in Korea. The movie sheds a wide range of light on the true depiction of the atrocity. That includes one of the true events occurred in the history of Korea.

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A Taxi Driver

Action, Drama, History